PG200N-SPECTRAL PAR METER for Horticulture


(1). Conforms with requirements of JIS AA class & DIN B class to meet the standard of illuminance meters.
(2). Sensor meets the IP66 waterproof level.
(3). Auto dark feature- Ensures the measurement quality with high reliability and precision.
(4). PPFD Reference- For a better understanding of real needs of plants.
(5). PPFD/PFD range can be customized.
(6). G sensor- Checks the measuring position from time to time and reduces the artificial measurement error.


PG200N is a Handheld Spectra PAR Meter that conforms with the requirements of JIS AA and DIN B illuminance class.The main purpose of creating PG200 is to push the limits ofthe traditional quantum meter / plant detectors which only offer PPFD ( Photosynthesis Photon Flux Density), PFD(Photon Flux Density), Lux and basic lighting parameters. This time, PG200N PAR Meter is embedded with a G-sensor to help users adjust the measuring position dynamically. The sensor head is upgraded to the waterproof and dustproof level-IP66 to ensure that the precision of data is not affected by humidity. In addition, through the built-in PAR reference spectrum, users can instantly confirm the absorption of light by plants and provide proper light source. PG200N is the most intelligent and innovative meter to be utilized in LED plant factory equipment vendors, integrators, plant lighting designers and R&D institution.



QLMT8E series V1.0